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Teacher Cecilia Flood with Deaf students Danny, Fernando, and Dathan.

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October 30, 1998

Valerie Sutton
SignWriting Literacy Project
Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting
P.O. Box 517
La Jolla, California, 92038-0517

Dear Valerie,
The teachers in the district program for Deaf/Hard of Hearing students at Mark Twain and Chaparral Elementary Schools, in the city of Albuquerque, would like to participate in your SignWriting Literacy Project. We are a part of the Albuquerque Public School District. We serve approximately 125 Deaf/Hard of Hearing students, both at centralized district programs and at their neighborhood schools.

Some of our teachers would like to introduce SignWriting to their students. These teachers are interested in learning and using SignWriting because they want to improve literacy skills for the students in their classes. Each teacher has approximately 8 number of students who will be participating in the Literacy Project.

We agree, as a group, to complete three Web Reports in return for the SignWriting materials and technical support you donate to us. We understand that this letter and all three reports will become public information and will be posted to the SignWriting Email List and posted on the SignWriting Web Site. You have our full permission to use the information as needed.

Please send SignWriting materials for 6 teachers and 50 students.

Thank you for considering us for your project.

Teacher: Cecilia Flood

Albuquerque Public Schools
Special Education-Aztec

2611 Eubank, NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87112

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